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Stand Out & Boost Sales Via Air Waybill (AWB) Branding

Expand your marketing strategy to the fullest via Air Waybill Branding; an unexpected but helpful approach to boost sales by reaching out to your customers!

The air waybill’s importance in providing detailed information for recipients presents an opportunity to promote your brand by creating your very own airway packaging.

Promotional Air Waybill

EasyParcel offers a space for businesses to customise your own promotional text and banner to be placed on each of your air waybills.

Choose from 2 types of brand format; promotional text or promotional banner. No worries! We’ve got sets of templates ready, all you need to do is fill in the details accordingly!

By customising your air waybill, your recipient will immediately identify their purchase from your brand!

Why Use Air Waybill Branding?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I get started for Air Waybill Branding?

Click here to get started on Custom Air Waybill. Begin to add your content via promotional text or promotional banner - along with the sets of ready templates that you can use.

2. How do I customize my air waybill ?

Follow this guide here to activate Air Waybill Branding.

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