Powerful Parcel Delivery API For Simplified Shipping

If you have your own website and selling online, our API can help to simplify and accelerate your daily delivery routine. You can use the API to automatically book your deliveries once a sale is made and skip manually ordering.

Why EasyParcel API?

Automatically turn new sale into delivery order

Manage delivery right from your own platform. You may download the air waybill right from your website.

Auto-update on each shipment

You may check the latest shipment status on all your sellers without leaving your own website.

You may now save time on checking and focus more on getting new sales.

Allocated buyer/ seller to choose preferred courier

This will be a value-added point for your online store! You may filter which courier to appear as a selection to buyer. Buyer may choose their favorite courier to ship their purchased item.

Delivery rate for each courier will be automatically displayed for your reference.

Manage all deliveries in your own website

You can get rates, create shipment, download AWB and get the latest tracking details without leaving our website.

Your customer may check their latest delivery status too.

What API Can Do?

  • Check rate

    Vast range of couriers with different rates

  • Create delivery order

    All your orders will be done in our all-in-one platform

  • Generate air waybill on your website

    AWB auto generated once order is made

  • Payment

    Get your order paid in simple steps

  • Tracking

    Track shipment status anytime, anywhere

  • Free pick up service

    Enjoy a hassle-free delivery where the courier will come to collect your parcels for free.

How to integrate with our API ?

4 easy steps to make your troubles go away with our shipping integration API for free.

  • Step 1

    Create a free EasyParcel account.

  • Step 2

    Complete the account verification.

  • Step 4

    Choose the Marketplace API or Individual API that suits your business platform.

Which API Suits You Best?

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s FREE! You would just need to pay for the delivery orders you’ve made.