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General Enquiry

How does EasyParcel works?

EasyParcel allows you to check for delivery rate from different courier companies and book for delivery online.


All bookings include pick up service from your chosen courier (except for Park N Parcel) without additional charges. Airway bill (AWB) will be generated once booking is made. Just print it out, attach to your parcel and the courier rider will be there (within 10am to 6pm) to pick up your parcel! All orders are processed automatically with the courier through EasyParcel website.

Who are our courier partners?


  • Ninja Van
  • UrbanFox
  • J&T Express
  • Aramex
  • Airpak
  • XDel
  • Janio
  • Park N Parcel
  • SF Express
  • SingPost
  • Qxpress
  • Viamove

On Demand

  • Viamove
  • QQuick
  • XDel


  • Qxpress
  • Ninja Van
  • UPS
  • Aramex
  • Janio
  • SF Express
  • Airpak
  • FedEx

How do I book an Order?

Just make your delivery order online at www.easyparcel.com and your selected courier will pick up from your place. Check out the magical ordering steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Check rates by keying in the delivery postcode and item weight

Step 3: Choose your PickUp Date and your preferred Courier service.

Step 4: Key in your delivery details and click “Next”.

Step 5: Confirm your booking and click “Check Out”.

Step 6: Once order is confirmed, click on the “Pay with Credit Now” button.

Step 7: Print out the air waybill, attach to your parcel and wait for parcel collection.

If you have multiple parcels to deliver at a time, you may use Bulk Parcel or integrate your eCommerce platform with us.

Do I have to book online? Can I place my booking over the telephone?

All bookings must be made online.

Do I need an Account before I book?

Yes, you are recommended to register for an account with us before you book to enjoy member's rate.

It's very easy for you to register an account with us, it takes no time at all. The best part is, it's FREE!

How do I contact you?

EasyParcel is an Internet based company. If you have questions, you may refer to our FAQ or you may email us at [email protected] for support assistance or [email protected] for sales enquiry.

Do I have to pack the parcel myself?

Yes, all items must be well packed to prevent unwanted damages.

Where can I get the invoice for my credit top up?

Go to dashboard. Click on "Account" > "Statement" on the sidebar. Click on "Top Up Invoice" and download icon to print out the invoice.

How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

Parcel's weight can be calculated by actual weight or volumetric weight.

Actual weight is the weight of the parcel in kilogram(kg). Volumetric weight is calculated based on your parcel dimension. If your parcel is huge, you would need to calculate the volumetric weight using this calculator.

Parcel weight will be determined by either actual or volumetric weight (VW) or whichever is higher. VW also applies if either one dimension is above 30cm.

My early booking shipment has been cancelled. Why?

Your booked shipment will be cancelled automatically if you do not complete the payment within 24 hours. Other than that, your paid shipment will be cancelled if you do not hand over your booked shipment to the courier company 7 days after your collection date.

Is there any way for me to submit my feedback regarding the courier companies?

A service rating system is now available for customers to submit rating and feedback to the courier companies through email or our website.

Does EasyParcel provide flyers?

We do provide free flyers for customers that top up with our EP300 or higher package. You can view our top up promotion packages HERE.

Pricing & Payment Enquiry

How do I get a Quote?

Step 1 – Go to EasyParcel home page and look for the Quick Quote & Book tab

Step 2 – Key in your Postcodes

Step 3 – Enter the Weight in Kilograms

Step 4 – Click on the “Quick Quote & Book” button


If you are happy with the Quote, click on the “book now” button to continue your booking.

How can I pay?

In order to save your time, EasyParcel uses credit system to pay for your order.
You can top up for EasyParcel credits by credit card or debit card to enjoy click-and-go bookings. View top up promotion packages HERE.

EasyParcel members with insufficient credits can use instant pay feature during checkout to pay for current delivery order amount. Delivery rate will be according to non-member's rate.

How do I top-up my credits?

Log in into your account. Click on "Top Up" button on your dashboard. Choose the package that you want and click the "Get It Now" button. You may choose to pay via credit card or debit card.

What does the price I pay include?

The rates are inclusive of Fuel & Handling surcharge and Government Tax. Additional 7% GST charges will be imposed on your top up amount.

Why does the price quoted are different from the previous quote I receive?

There will be price fluctuation from time to time depending on the courier service provider due to fuel & handling surcharges.

Collection & Delivery Enquiry

Can I arrange overseas collection or delivery?

Services are available for domestic and international delivery. International delivery is available for shipments from Singapore to other countries.

When will the courier man comes to pick up my parcel?

EasyParcel provides same day or next day pick up service depending on the courier company that you choose. The courier representative will be at your doorstep according to the time listed under the courier service info. Usual collection time is within 10am to 6pm but varies according to courier. Additionally, you have the option to schedule 7 days in advance when you want them to pick up your parcel.

How many days does it take for my parcel to be delivered?

For delivery in major cities, it usually takes 1-3 working days to complete the delivery from the collection date. It might take longer if an address is categorized as out of delivery area (ODA), which may take 3-5 working days. Delivery time frame may be different for different courier companies. Kindly refer to courier's service info for more accurate information.

How long will it take to have my parcels delivered with the same day delivery service?

It will take up to 4 hours to 8 hours to have it delivered.

What should I do if my parcels has not been delivered after the given time frame?

You may report to us and we will assist in following up with respective courier:

  1. Report late delivery on website
    Head over to “Parcel Status” > look for the order/tracking number > 3 line menu icon on right side > Report > Late Delivery
  2. Contact customer support
    Contact our support team at here for assistance.

Can I specify a time for collection?

Collection time varies according to courier companies. Customer are not able to select exact collection time yet. Kindly refer to courier’s individual service info for detailed collection time.

What happens if my parcel has not been collected after the time frame given?

If your parcel hasn’t yet been collected, you may opt for the following options:

  1. Remind courier for collection
    Send an email to [email protected] with tracking number and mention collection reminder. Our support team will remind courier to pick up parcel as soonest possible.
  2. Rebook for a new courier
    Send an email to [email protected] with tracking number and mention shipment cancellation. You may book for a new shipment while waiting for our support team to cancel your previous shipment.

The courier failed to collect my parcel, what now?

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. EasyParcel is a platform that provides shipping solution and therefore we have no control over this.

Failed collection is very rare but this can still sometimes happen when a driver does not manage to find the address or was delayed and did not manage to complete their round due to traffic congestions or for some other reasons.

You may contact us to re-arrange your pick up date. Do ensure you are available for the new arrangement pick up date and your address is valid, so that the courier service crew can reach your place on time.

You may opt for the following options:

  1. Remind courier for collection
    Send an email to [email protected] with tracking number and mention collection reminder. Our support team will remind courier to pick up parcel as soonest possible.
  2. Rebook for a new courier
    Send an email to [email protected] with tracking number and mention shipment cancellation. You may book for a new shipment while waiting for our support team to cancel your previous shipment.

I have entered the wrong information and needs to change my booking details.

Please contact us as soon as possible for us to assist you in the amendment. Amendment can only be made before 10am on the collection day or earlier.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You may opt for the following options:

  1. Request cancellation on website
    Head over to “Parcel Status” > look for the order/tracking number > 3 line menu icon on right side > Cancel Parcel.
  2. Contact customer support
    Contact our support team via email at [email protected] for assistance. Kindly take note that any amounts paid prior to your booking will not be refunded.

Do I have to print out the Air Waybill?

Yes, it is compulsory to print out the air waybill. If you do not have a printer, you may look for any printing shop near you. Air waybills can be printed out in black and white. Cut it according to the dotted lines given and attach it to your parcel. Keep the sender's copy for reference.

I can't download the Air Waybill. What can I do?

Please contact us by emailing [email protected] as soon as possible if you are unable to print your Air Waybill.

How do I attach the Air Waybill after printing it out?
I have already placed an order. Where can I find my Air Waybill?

Head over to "All Parcels" > "Parcel Status" and click on the printer icon to print your air waybill.

What happens if my parcel is heavier than declared?

If this happens, your parcel will have to be put on hold until we receive your payment for the extra charges. By entering the weight and dimensions of your shipment during booking, you are pre-paying for the postage. If the shipment is heavier or larger, extra charges for the additional weight will be automatically charged to your EasyParcel account based on the final weight validated by the courier company. Additional charges will be at EasyParcel's normal rate.

Integration Kit

What is the purpose of integration kit?

This integration kit is for those who have online store and intend to use EasyParcel as a shipping method.


EasyParcel can automatically grab orders from your ecommerce store platform and import it directly to your EasyParcel account.

Which e-commerce store platform is compatible with EasyParcel?

WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, eBay, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Magento and many more to come.

Where can I integrate my e-commerce store?

Click on “Integrations” tab on your dashboard. You will see the “Add New Store” button. View step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Which weight unit should I choose?

Depend on which unit you use in your own e-commerce store. (Eg, kilogram, gram, pound, stone)

Can I delete or edit my integration?

Can. Just click on “Remove” or “Edit” button.


*** But if you change the platform or weight unit, you need to redownload the EasyParcel EPI file again.

What is Auto Import, can I disable it?

The use of auto import is to automatically import new orders from your store to EasyParcel in every 4 hours.


You can disable it by choosing the “No” options or click on “Disable” button.

What is EPI?

EPI ( EasyParcel Integration file) is a filename that can be downloaded from EasyParcel integration site and to be uploaded to your own server.

What should I fill in at the EPI URL column?

EPI URL is the url of your store where you placed the EasyParcel EPI file in your server.

Where can I get the integration ID?

Integration ID will be generated automatically by EasyParcel after you fill up the shop name, platform and weight unit.

Where can I view the orders made in my store?

Click on the“Integrations” -> “Orders Imported” button on your dashboard. The orders will be shown in a table format.

I have imported all the orders, what should I do next?

You can now select the collection date and choose to have your parcel collected by courier riders. After this, you may then send the orders for delivery bookings or merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to the payment process.

Is there any weight limitation for the integration?

Yes. Maximum weight limit for each shipment is 30kg.

Account Enquiry

How many accounts can I create?

Each user is limited to only ONE account. However, for business account you may have another one but you are required to submit your business registration license.

How do I change my password?

Login into your account and click on your profile picture > "Edit Profile". You can change your password under the "Setting".

Where can I get the delivery invoice?

Login into your account and click on "Account"> "Statement". Select "Invoice" tab and click on the download logo to print the invoice.

How do I track my parcel?

You are able to track your parcel from multiple courier companies using our built-in EasyTrack. Select the courier company that you are using and paste the Air Waybill/tracking number to track.

Can I change my e-mail?

Yes, you can change your e-mail. Contact us via e-mail at [email protected] and we will help you to update your account.

Prohibited Item Enquiry

Do you have a Prohibited item list?

Yes, we do. Kindly click on "Prohibited" to check on the list of prohibited items.

Is there any no compensation item?

Yes, there are. Any person sending such an item does so at their own risk. Kindly click on "No Compensation Item" to check on the list of no compensation items.

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