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Say Hello to Pixel Mechanics | A Complete eStore Solution for Business

Want to boost business revenue and enhance customer experience while selling online?
Look no further, Pixel Mechanics is here to assist you!
With the help of Pixel Mechanics, many SMEs have improved their businesses and achieved success in eCommerce.

#Pixel Mechanics will Help Your Business to

  • Reach a wider range of audience
  • Increase revenue through identifying gaps of your business from your potential clients
  • Increase awareness of brand and products offered
  • Increase business productivity, resulting in reduced manpower cost
  • Increase knowledge of digital products and landscapes
  • Have happier staffs and happier customers

#Background of Pixel Mechanics

Pixel Mechanics believes that going digital isn’t about creating an eCommerce website. It is about crafting delightful experiences for your customers.

Although Pixel Mechanics is a small studio, the team members are judicious about projects they undertake and fervently committed to excellence in their output. Nevertheless, the team is also readily committed to delivering customer’s budgets at the best value.

Pixel Mechanics is specialized in high-performance online shopping experiences in a truly global market and has created award-winning websites for
eCommerce ranging from 10 to 10,000 products. Pixel Mechanics focuses on reduced administration and unique, a rewarding conversion which generating a delightful customer experience.

#Key Features of Pixel Mechanics Ecommerce Solution

#5 Complimentary Professional Services with Any Package

#Best Deals You Wouldn't Want to Miss Out

The best part is that for Pixel Mechanics Essential and AI packages, you can enjoy up to 80% reimbursement from Productivity Solutions Grant. But wait, There’s still more! Qualified business solutions are also eligible for a $10000 digital resilient bonus (DRB) payout!

Going digital can be arduous and challenging with many factors to consider in a highly competitive landscape without professional assistance.
If you’re an SME that looking for a digital transformation for your business, wait no more.
Sign up for an account with Pixel Mechanics today and enjoy up to 80% Productivity Solutions Grant Funding and $10K Digital Resilience Bonus!