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Tutorial: EasyParcel Integration With ORDERSINI


Goods news for all ORDERSINI merchants!

We are more than glad to have ORDERSINI as part of our integration family. If you are selling with ORDERSINI platform, you can now skip all hectic delivery booking process and have your orders fulfill directly from Ordersini automatically

Follow our steps below to learn about how to integrate your store with EasyParcel easily. =)

Setting Up OrderSini Integration

payrecon step1STEP 1: Click on “Integration”.

Payrecon step2STEP 2: Click “Add New Store”.

ordersini 3STEP 3: Click on “ORDERSINI”.

ordersini 4Step 4: “Fill Up Details” and click “Submit” and your integration is completed. Remember to copy the “API Key/Integration ID” as well. (API Key/Integration ID will be pasted on OrderSini end)

OrderSini 5Step 5:Click “Your Stores” and make sure your OrderSini is “Activated”.

OrderSini 9

Step 6: Kindly go to Account Setting – Shipment Integration – click on EasyParcel logo.

OrderSini 8

Step 7: Kindly fill in API key/ Integration ID. API key/ Integration ID may get from Step 5. Every EasyParcel account has its own API key/ Integration ID.

OrderSini 7

Step 8: Kindly go to Product Setting – Order List and Click on EasyParcel button to fulfill orders.

OrderSini 6

Step 9: Click “Pay” to get the AWB from ORDERSINI platform directly.