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Killer Tips To Spice Up Your Customer’s Day With Thank-You Notes

The Magic Of A Thank You Note

Let’s picture this: you arrive home to the joyous surprise of discovering a thank-you note – an email hidden amongst the mound of daily junk mail or a handwritten card in your parcel.

Everyone of us here like to be appreciated and we know you are too. For the small amount of time and effort a thank-you note takes, it’s amazing the extent to which you can spread the sunshine into their days by sending one. If the receiver is happens to be your customer, then it would be great to build a strong customer relationship and you’ll able to see the indisputable return on this investment.

Well, write a thank you note is quite easy! Don’t wait, make your customer’s day with the tips below.

Tips 1: Start by greeting with your customer’s name.

Greet your customers using their name can be a good starting point. Seeing a thank you note with their own name in a correct form and spelling will definitely make someone feel they are special. For example, “Howdy, Adam!”, “Dear Mira”, “Oh hello, Angie!”.

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Tips 2: Express your appreciation.

Express how grateful you are to have them buying your products or subscribing to your service with 2 most important words – “Thank You”, and don’t forget clearly stating why you’re sending this note. For example, “Thank you for signing up”, “As a token of appreciation…” and “We’re so grateful to have you being with us.”.

Tips 3: Include specific details to make your customers feel they are important.

Take this as a prime opportunity to be specific and thoughtful. You can write about why they are so special to you and why you enjoyed your experience by providing them your service. Basically is to show them how important they are along your business journey. For example, “Your support means the world to us”.

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Tips 4: End with a warm tone and sign-off.

All in all, not to forget include your company name by adding a personalized touch of emotions in the end of the message to make your customers remember it. For example, “With love,”, “Best regards,” and “Your truly,”.

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Don’t bookmark this post, just do it with the “Do & Don’t” today!
  • Do send in a timely fashion. It’s best to send as soon as your customers received the product or service so they won’t wait so long till forget having done the thing you’re thanking them for.
  • Do reflect your company image. Remember to choose the design that suits your business the best. If you’re a fashion designer, keep the thank-you card playful and artful to showcase your company’s personality.
  • Don’t write in all caps or red pen. It’s the equivalent of sending a “shouting” message toward your customers. Blue or black ink is ideal and comfortable for eyes.
  • Don’t include anything overly self-promotional. We’re aimed to express genuine gratitude to build a strong customer relationship, not to push your sales.

Without a doubt, an awesome thank-you note keep your name in your customer’s mind forever. It is one of the little things that create a “wow factor” for your customers are worth the investment from time to time. Go ahead now!