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The Components of A Great SMS Marketing Campaign


Have you started to engage with your existing customers using SMS marketing?

We bet you’d think – “SMS? That’s an old-school way to strengthen customer relationships for an old-school business!” But, it’s a fact that this marketing tool comes with a high open-rate of 98% because SMS reaches people immediately on their mobile devices. If you use SMS marketing right, it can be a powerful tool to bring you a 23% conversation rate and keep existing customers coming back for repeat purchases.

How do you make sure you’re maximizing all that SMS marketing has to offer? Here’s the component that you need to include when you’re setting up your SMS marketing campaigns to get the most out of them.

  • Start With A Valuable Offer
Start with a valuable offer

SMS are meant to be short and straight to the point. Hence, you need to prioritize what you want to say when crafting an SMS.

State your offer at the beginning and skip the extra fluff. There is no doubt that everyone will be more likely to respond to an SMS crafted in a simple and direct approach – but it doesn’t mean you can’t include a little personality at the end of your message.

At the same time, you need to ask yourself, “does this SMS create value for my recipients?”. If the answer is “don’t know” or “not sure”, don’t send the campaign as it might just waste your money. Put yourself in the shoes of recipients, would you like to receive SMS from a business but worthless? Definitely not.

All in all, start your SMS with an offer and share the value directly. That way, your recipients aren’t forced to keep reading to know what to do next. Invariably a percentage of your recipients will only read the 1st part of your message anyway, so you want this to catch their attention.

  • Include A Direct Call-To-Action
Include a direct call-to-action

End your message with a call-to-action is aimed to lead your recipients to know what their next move should be. It acts as a push on their back to keep them going.

It’s a fact that including a clear call-to-action can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Telling people what to do next takes away any question or indecision that might pop up and derail your message, such as “get it now”, “reserve your slots today”, “visit our website”, “grab it fast”, “sign up for free” and so on.

A good call to action leaves your recipients with a direct path to redeem your offer and takes away any guesswork that may be involved. Be as clear as possible in your message.

  • Create A Sense Of Urgency
Create a sense of urgency

Let’s recap: how many times have you read a message and thought “I’ll reply to that later,” and then forgot about it? Don’t get your potential customers to leave your offer like that.

Hence, you need to motivate them to act fast by including an expiration on your offer, which is to create a sense of urgency. This gives your customers an extra push to lead them to redeem the offer as fast as possible.

How to do that? Give your offer a specific expiration date or a limited number of redemptions for each SMS marketing campaign, such as “limited first 50 purchase only” or “flash deal for 24 hours only”. Create urgency in your SMS marketing campaigns by using words like “now,” “quickly,” and “fast” to get your customers on the move and grab the deal.

  • Make The Offer Exclusive
Make The Offer Exclusive

It’s crucial to make your customers feel that they means special to your business. An offer that anyone can grab isn’t enough to create value for your customers. Let say the deal is available for anyone, it will less appeal to your targeted audience.

Hence, you’ll need to offer something extra for a specific group of people to make them stay loyal to your brand. That’s why it’s a good idea to have offers that you send only to a selected list of customers. This helps make your list very valuable which will prove to increase your open rates over time.

  • Mention Your Brand Name

Nobody likes receiving a text message and not knowing who it’s coming from. If you didn’t let your customers know that the message is from you, then everything is just a waste. It doesn’t matter how great your deals are if your audiences don’t know where to redeem them.

Include your brand name in each SMS marketing campaign is a must. It can be either “EasyParcel: Up to 50%…”, “It’s a hot deal from EasyParcel to you…” or “Grab yours at EasyParcel:…”, as long as it clearly stated it’s from which brand. Dropping your brand name can help keep your business at the top of their minds.

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