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Market Your Brand This Raya With Powerful Marketing Tools From RM0.05!

Despite living in the midst of a pandemic, it doesn’t stop Malaysians to shop for baju raya or gifts for our loved ones. Plus, with the surge of eCommerce, we can easily shop whenever we want.

According to Google, an average revenue generated per capita is RM 900 during Ramadan and Raya. When customers are shopping for stuff online, the one thing that’s for sure – we will look for the best deals!

With so many products in the marketplace, customers often face tough decision making. Therefore, it’s important for eCommercers to implement sales hacks to maximize every prospect and engage with your customers.

This Raya, we have prepared several marketing tools that would come in handy to increase your business revenue, even if you only have a shoestring budget!

Air Waybill Branding

Air Waybill isn’t just an A4 paper with booking details. Since you’ve printed an air waybill to attach on parcel, you can make the most of it by adding in promotional messages,  such as discount codes giveaway, upcoming sales or limited offers in the form of banner or text. 

With the increasing orders during Ramadan, grab the chance to upsell / cross-sell  your customers and lead them back to your website for the latest deals. Our readily-made festive banner templates are there to help you boost your Raya sales!

Promotional Text RM0.10/pcs
Promotional Banner RM0.15/pcs

Custom Tracking SMS

During this high sales season, let us help to keep your customers updated on tracking details and latest promotions, while you focus on expanding your business model!

Besides keeping your customers informed about the shipping details such as tracking number, sender’s name and also a tracking link after an order is made, Custom Tracking SMS allows you to tailor messages with extra info in the tone of your brand voice  – at only RM0.30! You are able to build a deeper connection with your customers by adding in the receiver’s name, collection date and even show your appreciation by adding promo codes!

Tracking SMS RM0.20
Custom Tracking SMS + RM0.05
Custom Tracking SMS Without EasyParcel Branding + RM0.05

Custom Tracking Email

Having tons of orders during this Raya? Don’t waste your time on copy and paste tracking details to your customers. Tracking Email ensures that none of your customers are left out about the tracking details.

With an addition of RM0.05/email, you can build a branded email by inserting corporate theme colour, logo, promotional banner as well as social media channels to boost up your brand’s presence! This Raya, seize the opportunity to pitch your brand and leave a deep impression on your customers, especially first-time buyers.

Tracking Email RM0.05
Custom Tracking Email + RM0.05
Custom Tracking Email Without EasyParcel Branding + RM0.05

SMS Campaign

Looking for ways to inform your existing customers about upcoming Raya promotions? Try on our  SMS Campaign! With this, you can blast SMS in bulk  to all your customers in Address Book with just a few clicks To keep them informed about upcoming Raya promotions, new updates, ask for reviews and so on.

With add-on features, you can target specific audiences based on delivery states, collection date or both. On top of that, we have ready-to-use templates which you just need to select and blast in one go!

SMS Campaign RM0.20/text message

EasyTrack Branding

Do you know that 40% of the customers check an item’s order status at least once per day? It’s the tracking page that customers visit again and again. So, it’s a good opportunity to upsell / cross-sell or even engage with your existing customers. 

With EasyTrack branding, you can lead your customers to a tracking page where you can feature your brand, include: logo, Facebook page and even your latest promotion banner. 

This Raya, keep your brand and promotions at the top of your customers’ minds whenever they come back to track their parcel. 

EasyTrack Branding Monthly Subscription: RM11.90/month

Yearly Subscription: RM9.90/month (RM118.80/year)

Setahun hanya sekali. Makes use of marketing tools for this high sales season and captures the interest of holiday shoppers towards your products! With the power of EasyParcel marketing tools,  your business will definitely stand out from the crowd  with a shoestring budget.