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Ramadan Bersama With Up To RM297 Exclusive Discounts On Packaging Materials & Tools! 

Can you believe it’s almost the time of the year? The time of love, forgiveness and having delicious dishes along with family members together in the evening. While surviving through these pandemic periods , it doesn’t stop us from celebrating the holy month of fasting before saying hi to Raya. Ramadan tetap ramadan, the one thing that remains the same, of-course, is the season of sales.

Setahun hanya sekali, you as an online sellers should be ready to brave the sales as the spending for Ramadan and Raya goes up to RM18 billion each year, with an average revenue generated per Malaysian at RM900.

Who knows when this gempak sale will ever be back again? So, never let your business be overwhelmed with tons of orders without insufficient packaging materials or lack of manpower for order fulfillment that causes a delay in delivery – which leaves customers a negative brand image.

We’ve prepared different packages of bundle sales personalized for you to get ready for this season – be sure to grab ahead. Whether you’re new to eCommerce that is looking for quality packaging flyers to wrap up your parcel like a gift during this festive season or a SMEs that is searching ways to speed up your order fulfillment, check out our bundle deals with up to RM297 discounts below!

 …and the list goes on!

Since it’s the time of celebration, there are EasyParcel digital weighing scale and fragile tape worth up to RM109 waiting for you to grab for FREE with selected packages! We’ve slotted in these gifts to spice up your ramadan sales.

Best gila right? Our Ramadan Sale is now on until 30th April 2021 only! Time to stock up your favourite packaging materials and get ready for this massive celebration!