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[EasyParcel InsurePlus] Insurance Coverage For Lost Parcels


We know that there might be some unfortunate incident that happen during the delivery process such as parcel lost.

Therefore, we have came out with EasyParcel InsurePlus that will provide an extra insurance coverage with a nett value up to RM50 to all EasyParcel users on top of basic insurance provided by courier companies.

Users are guaranteed to be reimbursed extra RM50 or parcel value whichever is lower within 14 days. (Details such as parcel invoice, pictures or photographs will be required for the investigation process)

Here’s a simple timeline for the claiming process for lost parcel:

DAY 1 – DAY 14 DAY 15 – DAY 30 DAY 31 ONWARD
Parcel In Delivery Process Submission Period For Up To RM50 InsurePlus Claim Submission CLOSED – Not Eligible For Claim After 30 Days From Collection Date
Once submitted documents is approved, the credit will be reimbursed to your EasyParcel account in 14 days time. EasyParcel InsurePlus is only applicable for domestic parcels.

How Can You Report Your Lost Parcel?

Step 1: From the sidebar of your dashboard, click on “All Parcels” and then “Parcel Status“.


Step 2: From the parcel list, click on the 3 lines and then click on “Report”.


Step 3:  From the drop-down list, select “Parcel Lost” and proceed with a click on the “Ok” button.


Step 4: Fill up all the details needed and upload a photo and an invoice for parcel content.


Step 5: Submission is done and you can check on your parcel report status with a click on the “View Parcel Report”.


Do take note that the EasyParcel InsurePlus 14 days reimbursement will only take place once the “Parcel Lost” report is approved. With this extra coverage, you can now send your parcel with confidence without having to worry about your parcel anymore! Are you ready to send your parcel?