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Travel Back In Time With EasyParcel Flyers

Did you know? A parcel packaging plays an important part in building connections with your receivers. Well, imagine this: you as a receiver get a parcel that is wrapped with love and care, it will definitely brighten your day and sure to bring a smile to your face!

But wait – it doesn’t mean you have to make Mother Earth overwhelmed by plastic waste. It’s a fact that the excessive use of plastic packaging in many of our consumption behaviours has been a concern for a long time, especially Malaysians were named as Asia’s worst plastic polluters in February 2020 

Over the years, we’ve definitely seen uncountable companies tackle the issue, even you also have the option to exclude plastic cutlery for food delivery service.

The same goes for us at EasyParcel as we’ve rolled out the 100% recyclable beauty packaging flyers back in 2015. In response to the surge of eCommerce, EasyParcel had successfully delivered up to 10,600,000+ eco-friendly flyers as an effort to stop single-use plastic pollution.

On a magic carpet ride, we will take you to wonder by wonder and have a look at our colourful flyers that were created by our team throughout the years. Our designs aged like a fine wine and they get better and better, we swear. 

In Year 2014

A Bag Full Of Love

EasyParcel turns one year old in 2015. With dedication and determination, our founders successfully made online courier services available to all Malaysians. Most importantly, our services are delivered with care and each bag is wrapped with love.

In Year 2017

Sending Love Around The World

Sending Love To Your Doorstep

With the booming of eCommerce, EasyParcel took the initiative to level up the courier delivery service that is still in the dinosaur era by gathering multiple courier partners to an online platform and allow everyone to enjoy delivery right from/to your doorstep. Rain or shine, our delivery heroes are always ready to get your love vibes on its way to greet your loved ones.

In Year 2018

Sending Love To The Moon And Back 

EasyParcel expands the business to over 4,000 Pgeon Points available throughout Malaysia and more than 35 courier partners that handle the daily deliveries. Our heroes brave through the storm and travel to the end of the universe to collect and deliver the right parcel for you.

In Year 2019

I’m Here To Brighten Up Your Day

It’s An Unwrap Happiness Kinda Day

I’m Here To Power Up Your Day

Delivering Happiness Like A Sugar In Your Morning Tea

We brighten the day of our customers by ensuring every unboxing is filled with 101% sweetness and tenderness. It’s a fact that the parcel unwrap day would be the happiness kinda day.

Besides that, we aim to deliver happiness like sugars in your morning tea. Imagine waking up early and needed a cup of tea to wake you up. EasyParcel is there for you to start your day with happiness.

In Year 2021

Unbox The Galaxy Inside 

Fighting For Your Smile

Being in this new normal which makes you stuck at home 24/7, receiving a parcel is the best chance ever to bring the desired world to you, especially when you can have everything at your fingertips with the Internet device. Imagine your receivers unbox the parcel with joy on their faces, you’re actually filling up the galaxy in a box for them and also a chance to put a smile on their face.

Stand in the shoes of a receiver, don’t you feel happy to receive the parcel in such lovely packaging at your doorstep? The purpose of packaging is not just to protect what is inside the parcel from damage in some ways, it is just as important as the item it holds. More often than not, the packaging is the first thing the receiver sees, and while we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, we all subconsciously tend to do just that. Plain or ugly packaging will cause the receiver to associate your brand in general with blandness. 

Wondering where to grab our flyers? We’re giving it for free with every top-up of RM500 or above. Other than that, you also can get it right away from our EasyParcel shop with free shipping provided!