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EasyParcel x My Pets’ Haven: Give Homeless Furkids A Shelter With Your EasyReward Points

Being our real friends, the furkids have stayed with us and put smiles on our face on the bittest days. Their love for us is unconditional and always there to shower us with emotional support. However,  do you know that every year thousands of animals end up in animal rescue centres? 

Most animal welfare organizations are run by the kindest people in the world – the volunteers. They rely on the generosity of animal lovers to provide care to stray and abandoned animals. However, the operations needed to run on a cost. Based on The Star, animal shelters spend close to RM60,000 annually on treatment and medication. Without funding, their efforts are too little to help.

This round, we came across My Pets’ Haven, an animal shelter based in Selangor and decided to give our helping hand to them – and you’re in this together! My Pets’ Haven stands by 4 missions which are Rescue, Rehome, Treat and Sterilize :

Rescue: Rescuing needy animals from neglect and abuse.

Rehome:  Advocate for adopting and not shopping for new pets. You can adopt it here.

Treat: Provide medical treatment to rescued animals and making sure they are healthy before they are adopted

Sterilize: Trap-Neuter-Release to control the population of the strays on the street. 

All of these couldn’t happen without your help. Kindness is a virtue and we’re here to invite you  to join forces in saving the furkids. All you gotta do is use  your earned EasyReward Points to make a donation!

Simply use your earned 200 EasyReward points to redeem “[Donation to My Pets’ Haven For Furkids]” that is available in EasyReward and we’ll donate RM2 for that. We also have an option of redeeming 2000 EasyReward points for a RM20 donation!

Here’re the steps for you to make your donation through EasyReward Charity!

 Step 1: Sign up/log in to EasyParcel account at easyparcel.com

Step 2: Go to “Rewards” > “EasyReward’

Step 3: You can choose from the 2 columns which are 200 and 2000 EasyReward points and every 100 EasyReward points can bring RM1 donation to My Pets’ Haven.

All the collected EasyRewards points will be turned into cash and donate to My Pets’ Haven.  It will be contributed into various areas: 70% for medical bills and 30% for pet kibble and necessities. Small contributions bring a huge impact, let’s join this effort and bring hope to our furkids now until 30 April 2021!