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[New Update] EasyParcel Tracking SMS


Have you heard about Tracking SMS? I bet some of you guys might have seen or used it before. Previously Tracking SMS is only available for selected top up package or above. But now we’ve decided to make it available for EVERYONE! **clap clap

Introducing Tracking SMS where your receivers will receive the tracking details via SMS once order is paid. Awesome isn’t it? If you’re having tons of orders and doesn’t want to have your customers left unattended, this will be a good magic tool for you to keep your receiver well informed on their shipment status.

So how does it work? It’s really simple.

1. Orders made by sender.

2. Receiver will receive tracking details via SMS.

3. Tracking details will be updated in 48 hours.

Each SMS costs RM0.20 and it’s definitely worth it as not only you can save tons of time and energy in reminding each of every customer about their shipments but at the same time it helps to increase your credibility as well. After all, happy customer means more sales!

Check out the short video here:

How To Purchase

step1-quote-bookSTEP 1: Fill in your collection and delivery postcode with the weight of the parcel. Click “Quote & Book”.

step2-book-nowSTEP 2: Select your preferred courier and click “Book Now”.

step3-choose-smsSTEP 3: Fill in the delivery details as usual, check the box to opt for Tracking SMS and click “Add to Cart”. RM0.20 will be charged for each SMS sent.

step4-paySTEP 4: Confirm your order and proceed to payment by clicking “Check Out”.

Your receiver will receive the SMS with tracking details right after the order has successfully paid. There you go. Our brand new Tracking SMS that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Make sure you try it out today. Also don’t forget to sign up an account with us. Ciao~

Besides that, you can create a personal touch by customizing your Tracking SMS.  Just top up RM0.05 , you can craft personalized messages that come with tracking details, promo codes, greetings, and even ask for reviews in your brand’s tone of voice!

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