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Never Run Out Of EasyParcel Credit With Auto Top-Up

Never Run Out Of EasyParcel Credit With Auto Top Up Function

Not only we made courier booking easier for you, and now the payment too!

Pre-save your money inside EasyParcel by selecting any of our top up packages and use it for courier booking at member rates, marketing tools subscription and packaging materials purchase can help to avoid the hassle and risk of payment failed/ server error and so on.

The thing getting better – you’ll no longer have to worry about the hassle of topping up manually every time you run low on EasyParcel credit. Here’s come our auto top-up feature – it’s available for all of you out there!

To make sure you have enough credit to be used every time you need, it is best for you to top up your EasyParcel credit ahead too. Simply perform a one-time activation for an auto top-up, and never run out of EasyParcel credit again!

How To Set Up Auto Top-Up In EasyParcel?

Step 1: Head over to “Account” then click on “Auto Top Up”.

Step 1 - Go to auto top up on dashboard

Step 2: Select your preferred top up package starting from RM20.

Step 2 - Select top up package for auto top up

Step 3: Set the minimum balance left in your EasyParcel account to trigger auto top-up.

Step 3 - Key in minimum credit balance to trigger auto top up

Step 4: Add a credit/debit card for the auto top-up and then click on the “Confirm” to complete.

Turn on or off your auto top-up anytime as you wish in just a click.

turn on or off auto top-up