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600+ NEW PGEON POINTS ADDED! All 99 Speedmart Outlets Are Now Pick-up and Drop-off Points

And we mean ALL of them! Just take a look at that map

** A snapshot of just part of the Klang Valley alone

This means collecting your online shopping, or sending out your parcels from Pgeon Points has never been more convenient. There’s just bound to be one around the corner, open as late as 99 Speedmarts usually are (usually till 10pm, with some exceptions).

With over 200 outlets in Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysian recipients are now more accessible and can enjoy all the benefits Pgeon has to offer.

Benefits of Pgeon

Cheaper Shipping
Only RM5
DropOff & PickUp
From Pgeon Points Easily
SMS Notifications
Upon Parcel DropOff & PickUp
Longer Pgeon Points
Operation Hours

For e-merchants, this means that dropping off any leftover parcels from missed courier pick-ups at wouldn’t be so much of a hassle with so many drop-off points within a 5-10 min walking or driving distance.

Or if you’re also an e-shopper prone to missed home deliveries, go here to use a parcel pick-up point near you. It’s FREE.

Rejoice! Your recipients won’t have to worry about missed deliveries anymore, and now you’re now spoilt for choice:)

The dropoff option will be available at the Parcel Details stage of your delivery quoting and booking.

*BONUS* Choose Pgeon Delivery as your courier to enjoy a RM5 nett flat rate when you drop-off your parcel at 99 Speedmart or any other Pgeon Point (point-to-point delivery for parcels up to 5kg only)!

Pgeon is a new last-mile delivery service that enables customers to pick up or drop off their parcels at our one-stop parcel collection centers  known as Pgeon Points.

For more details  about Pgeon, visit their page.