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5 Strategies To Grow Your Business Using Instagram!

We know that TikTok has now taken over the digital world by storm, but Instagram remains as one of the strongest social networking sites. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a powerful marketing platform to promote your business and expand the visibility of your brand.

Even though Instagram offered paid advertisements, businesses can grow their accounts without spending a dime. Plus, the mobile app allows small businesses to compete with huge companies!

Wonder how to grow your small businesses using Instagram? Here’re 5 simple strategies for you! 

5 Strategies To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

        1. Show Off Your Products Creatively

The key to master Instagram for business is mastering the way you promote your products! 

There are many ways to show off your products without shoving all the information down your follower’s throat. Try diversifying your content strategy while promoting your products and never stop exploring new ideas! 

For example, creating short and fun videos or even recreating trendy videos to post on Reels! Added in the audio, effects and creative tools, this will definitely capture the public’s interests towards your product.

        2. Create Interactive Content For Instagram Stories

Do you know that 58% of people are more attracted to your brand after viewing Instagram Stories? The casual nature of the format is a great platform for storytelling and engaging with your followers!

Try doing a simple Q&A session on Instagram Stories by using the interactive questions sticker. Or even create polls and funny stickers to get them back to watch your stories consistently! If you have more than 10,000 followers, don’t forget to include swipe up links to encourage them for action!

        3. Stream Live Videos

In addition to Instagram Stories, businesses can stream live video on Instagram too. Live video on Instagram enables you to connect with your followers at the moment and build a deeper connection. Show your customers behind the scenes of your business or even answer live questions through the comments!

Besides that, livestream is a great way to create hype and anticipation for upcoming promotions or new product arrivals. As people are fear of missing out (FOMO), this will trigger them to take action before it’s too late – or they’ll be missing out!

        4. Collaborate With Influencers 

One of the most successful ways to increase brand visibility and rise up in the Instagram ranks, especially for small businesses, is to collaborate with influencers.

These influencers have thousands or even millions of followers. Getting a shoutout from the right influencers will give your brand instant credibility and push their followers to give your product a try.

For example, if you are selling energy drink, perhaps get fitness influencers or national athletes to endorse your brand!

        5. Sell Products On Instagram

Besides promoting products on Instagram, it’s important to integrate your store into the platform for a direct call to action.

Most people that visit your page did not continue to purchase because of the complicated and time-consuming purchase process. By creating a shoppable post, your customers can directly tap on the image button that leads to your purchase page.

If you don’t have an official website for this function and find managing orders overwhelming, try out QuickSend! After integrating your social media channels with  EasyParcel, you can simply share a link to your customers for them to fill up shipment details and make payment.