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5 SMS Marketing Ideas To Boost Customer Engagement & Generate More Sales

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Whether you’re trying to promote a sale or just saying ‘thank you!’ to your customers for their purchases, SMS marketing can help you reach them effectively and at very little cost. Here’s the keyword though: see your message

SMS’s have an open rate of up to 98% in most campaigns, but how you generate engagement and leads will come down to what message you’re sending – and how you say it. This is what we call the “copy”. 

Are you looking for interesting and fun ways to use SMS marketing to get more leads, increase customer engagement with your brand and make more sales? If you’re having some trouble getting ideas for your SMS marketing campaign, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things that you can do below. 

5 SMS Marketing Ideas To Boost Customer Engagement & Generate More Sales

1. Tell customers about an upcoming promotion/sale

Create excitement and generate leads for sales during a promotional season by sending SMS to your customers that inform them about current or future sales.

People love sales and promotions, and if you’re organizing one, make sure your customers know everything there is to know about your sale or promo!

Give them a clear date and period of your promotion and tell them what’s the main thing they need to know.  


  • Everything RM25 or less at Kittos. HURRY! This mega sale is only until 29th July 2023 only: yourwebsite.com
  • 3 DAYS ONLY! Enjoy savings up to 10% OFF on a selection of Gio’s bestsellers until 1st January 2021: yourwebsite.com
  • This is your last chance to snatch the best offer ever at M&C. Let’s bring home your favorite purse at 20% OFF: yourwebsite.com

2. Send your customers updates on products and features

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to keep your customers up to date with the latest releases or new products or features you’ve recently added. 

You may even want to just send them reminders that you have certain products that they may find appealing. If you’ve just received a new inventory for items that have been out of stock, that’s something you can notify your customers with SMS too. That way they’ll remember that they were interested and might head to the check-out. 

Here are some examples:

  • Giovanna collection is now boarding at JM Century! Limited stocks available, grab it fast from RM120: yourwebsite.com
  • Psst, your long awaited cashback reward system is finally launched with Living Things! Be the first to register yourself an account: yourwebsite.com
  • Woohoo, the skinny jeans in Levis are back in stock now! Order yours today at RM250, while stock lasts: yourwebsite.com

3. Get reviews, collect customer feedback & keep in touch

Already completed delivery for an order? That’s great!  But remember – marketing never ends there. Once you’ve completed a sale and you’ve delivered the items to your customer, remember to ask them for reviews. 

Here’s why you should do this: the average customer reads 7 reviews or more before deciding on whether to trust – and buy from – a business. Furthermore, over 90% of online shoppers agree that reviews influence their decision to buy too! Hence, this information will be crucial to improving and growing your business in the long-run.

Get them to write for you a short review via SMS. Get them to comment or rate your product, give feedback about the delivery time and process and anything else you’d like feedback on. 

  • How do you like your purchase from JCO Outlet? Give us a review here at yourwebsite.com and get 20% off your next order!
  • Love your order from Hooga.co? Do us a favor by writing us a 5-star review on Facebook: yoururl.com
  • Join our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and the latest news from Little Awesome every week! Subscribe now: yourwebsite.com

4. Give your customers SMS specific offers 

Considering that these customers gave you their phone numbers, I think they deserve it. Give your customers special codes made specifically for subscribers of your SMS promotions. 

Another way of putting it is, give them a reason to feel that subscribing to your SMS promotions is worthwhile for them to keep receiving messages from you.

Send out discount code at random times – and seemingly for no special occasion. For one, you’ll have a higher chance of being constantly in the minds of your customers. Plus, it’s a pleasant surprise for them to find something that they can use to save more when they do decide to purchase from you.

  • Treat yourself to 60% OFF for all backpack in Vincci till 21st August 2025. Apply VC60OFF at yourwebsite.com to enjoy!
  • Get RM25 OFF when you spend RM150 or more at 90s Store! Just use code DISCOUNT25 for your purchase at yourwebsite.com
  • Save extra RM10 on bracelets at The Knot when you check out with code RM10OFF. Grab now: yourwebsite.com

5. Get your customers to convert their abandoned carts 

You’ve almost made the sale! But they’ve left their items in the cart… Isn’t that just so frustrating? Why would they leave items in the cart?  Sometimes, people just forget that they have stuff they intend to buy. Remind them!

Nudge them to complete their purchases by reminding them what they’ve left in their carts. You can go one step further by giving them a reason to convert their cart into a sale, such as discounts, notifications for low stocks and so on. 

  • Hey Hailey! We notice you’ve left some stuff in your cart. Use OFF30 to get 30% off for your items! Click here to go to your cart: yourwebsite.com
  • Uh oh Sherry, you’ve left some great items in your  cart. Checkout now before they’re gone: yourwebsite.com
  • Still thinking your order over? We think that you’ve got great taste, so here’s a 30% off for when you checkout! Click the link to get your discount: yourwebsite.com 

These are just the ideas that we could come up with. There are so many more options and methods for you to explore. 

Share your suggestions and ideas with us via our official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! We’d love to hear from you. Now you’ve got some ideas on how to begin your SMS marketing. Excited to get started? 

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