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5 Packaging Tips To Protect Your Shipments From Damage In Transit

Did you know that? In Malaysia alone, 1 out of 10 eCommerce parcels got damaged in transit and one of the main reasons which lead to this is improper packaging. If you are new to parcel delivery and have no idea how to pack your parcel safely and securely, no worries as we’re here to share some tips with you!

5 Tips To Pack Your Parcel Securely

#1: Choose the right packaging materials

There are so many packaging materials available in the market such as flyers, bubble envelopes and boxes but it is needed for you to assessing your item’s requirements before choosing it.

  • Flyers
    One of the most common packaging materials. It is made from polyethylene material which offers excellent water-resistant without additional protection inside. Thus, it’s best suited for items that are already well packed, such as clothes.
  • Bubble envelope
    Bubble envelope has excellent water-resistant and comes with clear bubbles laminated inside for better protection. It’s best suited for packing flat and small items, such as accessories.
  • Corrugated boxes
    Corrugated boxes are made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet. This helps to protect the item when exposed to shocks, moisture, and sudden temperature changes. It’s suitable for packing all kinds of goods, especially fragile items.

#2: Use a brand new packaging material

Regardless of the types of packaging materials you choose, kindly use brand new packaging materials, instead of reuse old packaging. Old packaging, especially boxes are easily damaged and provide less protection than previous which may caused the item to get damage in transit.

#3: Use quality materials for cushioning

Besides outer packaging, you can use cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, inflatable bubble wrap or airbags for your internal packaging. This helps to prevent the items from moving around inside the box while also absorbs the bumps which the parcel may get during the delivery process. A minimum of 5cm of cushioning is recommended!

#4: Use H-tape sealing method

A proper sealing method is needed when sealing your boxes to prevent accidental opening while the parcel is on the way to the receivers. The H tape method is strongly recommended, which is applying tape across all of the boxes open seams to forms an H-shape across the top and bottom of your box as in the image below.

#5: Use stretch film as an extra layer of protection

If you’re sending your items by using corrugated box, stretch film can be used to wrap on the outer layer to keeping it protected during delivery against water, rain, stains, as well as scratches. It can also be used to bundling your parcels together if you’re sending two or more boxes in one shipment.

With these parcel packaging tips, you can prevent your parcel from getting damage when they’re on the way to your customers. This will greatly reduces your losses which may incurred from damage shipments, while also makes your customers happy and in turn bring in more sales!

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