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3 Tips To Secure Your Parcel From Lost

Nothing is more disappointing than having your parcel lost in transit and you need to bear the loss with insufficient basic insurance coverage by courier companies.

With up to 5000 parcels lost in transit each month in Malaysia, it’s important to ensure your parcel is secured. Even though it rarely happened at EasyParcel, prevention is better than cure. Don’t put your parcel at risk and regret it when something happens later. 

We have prepared 3 tips to secure your parcel from lost and it’s simple – only requires less than a minute!

Tip #1 : Use Strong Adhesive Sticker AWBs & Transparent Pouches

A parcel travels a thousand miles to the receiver’s doorstep. There are many cases where air waybills get damaged by water or dropped off from the parcels. You’re advised to use transparent pouches or sticker AWBs to ensure the parcel can arrive safely along with shipment details!

AWB In Transparent Pouch

Sticker Air Waybill

Tip #2 : 'In Case Found' Shipment Details On/Inside The Parcel

Unforeseen circumstances happen, your parcel might end up somewhere without any identifying air waybill. The one thing you can do is place a piece of paper with tracking number and contact details inside the parcel or write them on the packaging using a permanent marker pen. This could lead them back on track!

Write The Details On Parcel

Insert A Copy Of Shipment Details

Tip #3 : Opt-In For Extra Insurance Coverage

If everything went wrong, your parcel might get lost in the pile. You will need to bear the loss for replacement, as the average RM200 basic insurance is insufficient for high-value items!

Why not opt-in EasyCover for full coverage up to RM10,000? With only 2% charges of the parcel value, it just cost you RM4.02 charges for a parcel worth RM201. Here’s how you can opt-in EasyCover:-


Just book for Pgeon services to deliver within Peninsular Malaysia as usual. Whenever your parcel value is more than RM200, you’ll be able to see the opt-in option for EasyCover.

It’s a fact that extra coverage doesn’t cost you much, but your parcel is guaranteed full compensation when it is lost in transit (yay, you don’t need to bear the cost on your own)!